[tool] imgXiwi, convert images to .iwi directly!


06-05-2014 19:20:19

This program converts images (.png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tif) directly into
working IWI8 version .iwi files, you don't have to hex edit/crc fix anything!

It can also convert textures (.iwi) into PNG files.
To do so, you have to drag a file onto the imgXiwi.exe.

Made by TheMomo5502, all glory to him.

2 mirrors:

clean file, just scanned with virustotal


07-05-2014 00:08:07

i had it allready or mayby a earlier version but it works great! so much time that won't get wasted by doing the HeX shit and stuff, great to see that some one put it here!


08-05-2014 15:32:48

i approve of this tool im using it since ages :D


08-05-2014 19:25:08

I have a similar tool :D


07-09-2014 12:28:27

can some one explain me how to use this


07-09-2014 12:36:26

Arace Jermy wrote:can some one explain me how to use this

Search for the .iwi you want to use (most gun texture are located inside the main folder>iw_07.iwd, you can open iwd files with winrar) Search for: weapon_***.iwi, drag and drop it to your desktop (or somewhere else) after you dropped it on to your desktop, drag and drop it into the tool. A photo file will come out. Now you can edit the file with photoshop. After you finished, drag and drop the file back into the tool. An .iwi file will come out. Put this file into your m2demo>images folder. Open the game and you'll see your custom texture.

Sorry about my bad english (hadn't got much time)