i cant log in black ops 1


17-02-2015 13:27:27

hey guys ive downloaded black ops 1 and i installed the cilent when i start the cilent it say retrying linp.dll and ive downloaded the dust5.exe it downloaded full and when i start the game it says Iw5m disabled wait for update 27-12-14:nearly done (60%) . migrating your stats now. update will be released beginning next week. :cry::cry::cry::cry:


17-02-2015 13:28:18



17-02-2015 17:06:54

hello excuse my english
dust5. and server
you must use RZOUpdaterV2


18-02-2015 17:55:36

I don't get it,are you trying to make a dedicated server or to play the game via client? In both cases I recommend doing this:
1) If ya just want to play the game:
-Delete everything except folders 'main' and 'zone' and leave 'localization' txt file.
After you finished that go to : downloads/ and under section Black Ops download Client,extract it to your game folder and run 'RZOUpdaterV2' after it's patched you can run the game via Updater or BlackOpsMP.exe.
Login with your Username and Password and there ya go,should work tho! :)
2)If ya trying to make Dedicated Server check this post:

I hope I helped you!
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