Black Ops set up


14-03-2015 15:49:54

Hello everyone, hope i posted this in the right place...

Anyways, i wanted to ask is the set up the same as in MW2 cause i cant seem to find any tutorials for black ops. MW2 is up and running working just fine except for minor bugs but its durable.
So do i just copy the files and run the launcher or is there a different way of setting up black ops.
And i did check those set up posts or what not but noting of use in there, posts are old and in the How to get RepZOps (July 2014) post I don't see anything that the admin posted, his post is blank and in the RepZOps Game Download post the dl button takes me to let me google it for you -.-, I'm not stupid I know how to google stuff >.>

Thanks and sorry if i posted in the wrong section


14-03-2015 16:09:29

its the same download the updater then drag it to the game folder then run the updater.
btw add the game to exception in anti-virus.


17-03-2015 02:44:07

from where can i download the updater


17-03-2015 05:23:26

CuuLii wrote:from where can i download the updater