RepzOps Client For Newbies (WORKING 2015]


29-03-2015 06:41:08

Hiya everyone RuS-Stas is here!
This is going to be my very first "HOW To" or to others "Download Link" to the RepzOps game!

**Use this method on your own risk**
As we all know RepZ is a great mod for our CoD Games and the best modders there is!

However, some may not understand on how to download the game!
Even the most simplest "link and types everything up for you isn't enough for people"
So today I decided to create a How-To tutorial on getting the required files!

Here are some very easy quick steps:

1.) Open up a internet browser
2.) Copy this link [Removed - no direct linking to warez]
3.) Paste this link in the browser
4.) download the client and extract it to your desktop
5.) read the "README" text and enjoy the install!
6.) Server files and Client files are both upto date (meaning this gamedownload has the Multiplayer and serverfiles all ready in a bundle!"
7.) login and enjoy!